Emily Smith’s positive contributions to Las Vegas has been featured in multiple publications.


Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation continues with distance learning.

“Our top priority – we had to remain in our kids lives… in the early weeks we focused on immediate needs, delivering food to families and calling homes to make sure everything was ok and families had what they need… connecting them to community resources”.

Emily Smith and her work for the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation during the pandemic.

““Kids, whether they have some sight or no sight at all, they get to hear their friends and talk to their friends,” Emily Smith said, referring to the virtual meetings. “I think it brings some stability to them.”

The foundation has also delivered food to families in need. Staff know all too well that routine outings, such as grocery store visits, can be difficult or impossible for families with children who have special needs. Smith said one student’s mother informed them he was having severe behavioral issues, triggered by not understanding why he suddenly couldn’t attend school.

“We’re trying to think comprehensively,” Smith said, noting that they’re also dropping off academic packets at students’ homes.”

Las Vegas Women magazine profiled Emily Smith for a “Fearless Females” piece.
http://lvwomanmagazine.com/2016/fearless-females-emily-smith/“…my daughter became involved with Girl Scouts and I soon found myself an engaged volunteer, but I knew I could do more. I called up the CEO and invited her to lunch. We talked about the organization for a long time—its past, its current challenges and its future…I told the CEO I really wanted to work for her and I was confident I could help to move the organization to that desired future state…I proposed she hire me as her development director, and if I didn’t make my annual salary back within the first three months, I would leave the organization.” Two weeks later, Smith accepted her first job in nonprofit.

Emily is recognized by Nevada Business Magazine for her pioneering work creating Nevada’s first school for visually impaired children, and hosting sporting events that accommodate their alternate abilities.

“NBCF Executive Director Emily Smith, “Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation has three simple goals: Educate. Employ. Empower. We’re working to change the future for our kids by providing a comprehensive and consistent support structure…”

““To find ways of adapting regular events so that our visually impaired kids can participate is at the heart of everything we do at the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation,” explains Emily Smith, NBCF executive director. “There’s no reason our kids can’t do things that their sighted peers can, especially in a recreational format. Our programs are designed specifically to encourage them to try new things and experience the world around them, but in a safe and adapted way.””